Saturday, January 23, 2021

Three Dollar Poetry - Morning Fog


In an effort to write more (and post more) I came up with the idea of a new project, Three Dollar Poetry.  My goal is to write short typewriter poems with (hopefully) some regularity and post them.  A separate website is coming soon (

As some of you already know, I have recently started using a typewriter for writing poetry.  I bought my first typewriter about a year ago.  Last weekend I purchased yet another antique typewriter, another Remington portable.  It needs a little work but it's a beautiful piece of machinery.

Why a typewriter?  In short, I like the sound a typewriter makes when being used.  Typing on a typewriter is a tangible act. Once I have typed something, I can look at it, touch it, file it, have it handy in hard copy. My inspiration for buying a typewriter initially was Instagram user @blackadderpress, a fellow printmaker and typewriter poet. Then recently I discovered the documentary California Typewriter and in turn, Richard Polt's book and website Typewriter Revolution.  It has been a bit of a rabbit hole, but one into which I have willingly dove.

If you are interested in reading Polt's Typewriter Manifesto, you can find it here.

Please keep an eye out for the new website, again it's Three Dollar Poetry  I will announce, somehow, when the site is functional. 

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