Saturday, January 2, 2021

Unintentional Resolutions-A New Year's Rant

Speaking strictly for myself, New Year Resolutions are a fool's errand.  To me, it's more like New Year, same me. I mutter to myself that I should fall in line and make promises to myself and others that there will be changes.  I realize that yes, I am writing this on New Year's Eve.  My want for change is there, sure.

I have said this one countless times, New Year or not:  I have to get away from social media.  I just think of all the reading I could accomplish if I stayed away from Facebook.I don't want to know what kind of cat I am, or what kind of car I would have driven in the 50's, or anything like that. Half the links posted are scams. I don't want to know about your sourdough bread, which is mostly jealousy since I have yet to make a successful sourdough. I'm glad you're dealing with the pandemic.  It's real. 

Nevertheless, yes, I have goals that I have set for myself, ones I have mentioned and failed at previously.  The aforementioned social media, I'm done.  I want to write more (look at me, I'm writing right now) both on the blog and otherwise.  I want to read more (since I finally have new glasses) and make more art.  I want to go on more adventures, big and small, with Valerie (once the pandemic passes).

The one social media site I am sticking with, at least for now, is Instagram.  It has been beneficial to me since it's the one place I share my art.  I do post non-art pictures, but rarely.  Instagram, although owned by Facebook, is where I go to be inspired. I do not post memes there, although you occasionally will see food I have prepared that I'm especially proud of. You can follow me here

So, I am digging my heels in for the winter.  I have coffee, I have art projects. I have plenty of books to read, although I don't let that stop me from buying more.  Here is a sample of what I intend to read in the coming months.

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